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Some of the work we do
and plan to expand further:

Catholic Values

UCCM strives to provide a welcoming atmosphere for its members and others who support our mission; to foster spiritual growth, focusing on service to God, the Church, and community. Member families provide education in catholic norms and values, continuing with our past practice of praying as one catholic family while celebrating our Ugandan martyrs each year.

Youth Mentorship Programs

Our goal is to empower our youth to develop into inspired young leaders; self-driven and yet humble at heart, with catholic values and mannerisms. Through provision of financial literacy programs, college preparation, and provision of assistance in scholarship and other financial aid applications, we guide the youth in pursuing further education. We offer counseling and guidance sessions to encourage our youth to remain focused on the power of prayer and grounded in catholic church values while influencing them to live disciplined lives, including sexual abstinence, safe friendships, and spiritual development.

Charitable Outreach Services

In collaboration with other faith-based organizations, we volunteer under the rotating shelter model, to serve homeless communities within the metro-Detroit area by providing food, toiletries, pampering, companionship, and even mere giving of our time in simple tasks like playtime with their kids. “So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields.” – Matthew 9: 37-38). Using our God-given gifts to show love and fellowship to those in need, regardless of their religious orientation, gives us a sense of gratitude and ability to share God’s love within our own communities.

Assistance to Impoverished Women In Uganda

Knowing what many rural-based women in Uganda face, with the limitation of a quality education, we aim at creating long term partnerships with Ugandan-based female empowerment organizations, to assist in provision of funding and gifts in kind to cover the gaps in medical care, hygiene products, basic household supplies, and to provide funding for their young ones. The ultimate goal is to offer both material and human capital for the creation of sustainable economic development in targeted communities in Uganda.

Our mission is simple

We promote unity among members, creating a sense of belonging,fraternity, and solidarity, to achieve a foundation for greater evangelization and charity outreach. Our work is inspired by Catholic values and traditions, aimed at improving the quality of lives for the members and others; near and far.